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Learning languages with skype is also fun

Online-learning course format, content and teachers

In our view, online-learning offers a natural way of learning to speak, listen and write German - give it a try, you'll like it as much as we do!

Course format

Individual instruction via SKYPE – don’t limit your learning!

  • when you learn online, you will receive individual language training from your own private teacher. The term 'online learning' can either mean that you learn with your teacher on the telephone or that you speak to each other using Skype. Skype is a language program that enables you to telephone
    whilst sitting at your computer and to write to your teachers and receive messages from them at the same time.
  • On Skype you will speak to your teacher whilst sitting at your computer, just as though you were on the phone. The only difference
    is that your teacher can send you texts and exercises whilst continuing to speak with you. In this way you practice
    • speaking,
    • listening,
    • reading
    • and writing

You will also always have a written record of what was covered in the lesson. In addition, you can record the entire conversation using 'Pamela Recorder'. This allows you to listen to each lesson as often as you need to.


Course content


In individual instruction, it is you that determines the course content. You can work with a course book or use free material from a range of different sources. If you opt for free material, we can orientate the lessons entirely around your area of interest or field of work and will seek out relevant and appropriate texts and materials.
The exercises are constructed according to the subjects that interest you, the mistakes that you make and any areas that you would specifically like to improve. You will learn:

  • to react spontaneously
  • to speak more fluently
  • new vocabulary
  • to use your new vocabulary correctly
  • grammar – that must also be a part of it!
  • to improve your pronunciation
  • to improve your written expression

You will see how useful, practical and efficient it is to learn German using Skype.



Course content, general German

Course content, general German

General language course

The overriding aim of this course is to offer you certainty in your spoken German– pronunciation and listening comprehension will form a part of this, depending on your
particular linguistic goals. At the same time you will broaden and consolidate your vocabulary.

With this course it can be practical to work with a course book. You then have the option of continuing to learn with this book during an intensive course at the language institute if you wish to.



Course content, Business German

Course content, Business German

Business course content – here we concentrate on…

  • acquiring certainty when speaking, regardless of the situation
  • the ability to react quickly and appropriately
  • phrases and figures of speech
  • small talk
  • telephoning
  • being able to hold your own in meetings
  • mastering presentations
  • successfully leading negotiations in German
  • learning to write E-Mails and short reports
  • also popular are subjects taken from "Business Etiquette in Germany."

The better you speak German, the more persuasive you will be in your business!



Native speakers with academic training and many years of experience

Experiences / student testimonials

On our webpage comments we list some student testimonials we received.




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